What is Asset Tokenization ?

Asset tokenization is when a physical, or intangible asset becomes digitized and then split into tiny pieces that are called tokens. Each one token represents a proportionate part of the digital asset, meaning that the token owner has ownership rights or other variations of such.

The potential for tokenization is endless. At Fintropy we believe that the whole world can be tokenized, ranging from physical assets like art, real estate to debt, equity and bonds.

Fintropy and ETFs

We also offer users a gateway for accessing a variety of DeFi services. The Fintropy platform enables almost any current and approved assets, ETF, or hedge funds from the cryptocurrency ecosystem to be aggregated while ensuring the security and monitoring required to ensure a successful goal.

Fintropy can balance investors’ safety while allowing asset managers to follow their chosen strategies and be paid in this process. We allow traders worldwide to be readily involved in the global economy with a fundamental LP synthetic token supported by underlying assets.

Fintropy also offers efficiency to the market through the use of blockchain technology by enabling automation, transparency, traceability, rewards and more. The tokenization of assets should be frictionless transactions, which has always been one of our building elements.

Fintropy may have just started, but our roadmap aims to disrupt the financial system altogether. Asset tokenization is just the start, as many new models and opportunities may be created. Fintropy offers a precise path as to how the new era of investing may become effective.

Final Thoughts

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The Tokenized ETF Management Platform: experiment with aggregated assets to create a tokenized ETF, or invest in proven portfolio formulas.