Trading Tournament registration is OPEN!

Portfolio Managers:

  • To take part in the competition, the manager must register before the start of the round.
  • After registration, the manager can create his portfolios by choosing tokens he would like to add from the list of tokens that are available on the platform. We recommend that you create several portfolios before the beginning of the round.
  • On the first day when the round begins, the Manager must choose 2 portfolios from the ones he created to enter the round.
  • During the first day, the manager can change his portfolios as much as he wants until 00:00 UTC. From this moment on, the profitability of these portfolios will begin to be calculated and tracked.
  • If the portfolio manager thinks that his profitability will decrease in the future, he can use the “fixation” button to fix the result. Managers can use this opportunity an unlimited number of times. The last fixation will be used in the calculation of the results.
  • The calculation of portfolio returns will end on the last day of the round. During the round, the manager cannot change the number and composition of tokens included in his portfolios.
  • The first 10 portfolios receive points at the end of the round.
  • For 1st place — 10 points, for 10th place — 1 point.
  • If the Manager holds at least 3% of FINT tokens in one of his portfolios, he will receive a bonus of 0.5 point in the final calculation of results. That said, the manager can obtain 1 point in total.
  • The top 3 of each round will be considered as winners and will earn USDC prizes! Reward calculation: Total points x 4 = Value in USDC.


  • Investors must register in the round before it starts.
  • To participate in the round, the investor must have at least 15 USDC in the wallet.
  • Immediately after the registration and during the entire round, the investor can buy any portfolio tokens at any time.
  • The ROI will be calculated from the first till the last day of the round. The investor who got the most profits is considered the winner.
  • When closing the round, a ranking of investors is prepared in accordance with the profitability they received.
  • The top investors will receive the following points:
  • For the first place, 10 points are given, for the tenth — 1 point.
  • The first 10 investors, will receive prizes as follows:
  1. Top 1–3: Total points x 4 = Value in USDC

Take a challenge and win a prize using the link below!



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