Successfully reached our Private Sale Cap

We are pleased to announce that the Private Sale was finished with great success. Thank you for participating, the number of interested investors exceeded our expectations! We are happy about the interest we got from all parties!

Summarizing the results obtained from the private sale on our platform:

  • Round raised: $ 1,000,000

Today we would like to give a huge thank you to our partners and investors who can see the vision of the Fintropy platform. Your support and eagerness to spread the word to your networks about our complete Tokenized ETF Management Platform is appreciated, and with your support, we will be able to bring new tools to the crypto community.

We are so passionate about unlocking the potential of Fintropy’s all-in-one platform — enabling users to manage ETFs that allows one to deal with cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, and more! Our investors and supporters are more than partners. Our investors are also located worldwide, and that shows us the demand of our project. And things are just getting started!

FINT: Utility Token

Fintropy LP rewards decentralize asset management. ERC-20 synthetic tokens are now the focus. Initiate your portfolio with FINT tokens on our platform and set up the infrastructure underlying the tokens.

Buy tokens and stop worrying about missing investing possibilities by selecting from various cryptocurrencies, tokenized equities, and NFT shares. Invest in a new ETF or token in a matter of seconds and see your assets rise together with Fintropy.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the private sale of Fintropy. We are glad that it was so successful, and most of all we managed to prove that the product from the Fintropy works!

We invite you to join our whitelist for our public sale that will be available for everyone! Our public sale will be an IDO as we will share more details about it soon.

Be sure to follow us on social media, to find out more on how we plan to accomplish our goals!

Reach us through our Twitter and Telegram.



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The Tokenized ETF Management Platform: experiment with aggregated assets to create a tokenized ETF, or invest in proven portfolio formulas.