Multichain Opportunity

The blockchain industry market size was estimated by some to reach more than $21 billion by 2025. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market as a whole already reaches over $1.9 trillion. An ecosystem that was once defined by its tight-knit community and exclusivity now reaches governments, businesses, institutional investors and individuals who are all becoming more positive about the evolving space. With this new popularity, a crossroads has emerged.

Why Multichain?

In a multichain world, rather than competing, we have the ability to facilitate and interconnect new chains in order to enhance the overall user experience. The prospect of a multichain ecosystem would allow anyone to build anywhere. It is dependent on cross-chain solutions, some of which are already in production. These solutions allow different blockchains to communicate with one another without the help of intermediaries, mimicking the way in which the internet works today.

We have reached the stage of adoption where the amount of users utilizing decentralized technology has exceeded the functionality of the technology itself. This has resulted in regularly congested networks and demand for solutions.


Many companies have found that developing a decentralized platform across multiple blockchains enables them to attract large investors by offering the opportunity to experience the possibilities of a multichain network. People can move away from having to choose a blockchain and build on the lean value that the multichain platform offers so that they can have uninterrupted activity across all the chains on which they operate.

For example, multi-label blockchain solutions can serve large organizations where a department or service is needed to maintain control of their resources. The low cost and reduced friction provided by the multichain blockchain offer several immediate benefits that make a loss of confidentiality a nonchalant issue. Multichain blockchain-based provenance tracking solutions solve the problem of counterfeiting and theft.

Fintropy’s Solution

Fintropy offers an all-in-one platform for managing tokenized Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that can handle the different types of assets: crypto, stocks, NFTs, and commodities. We empower asset managers to build and manage cross-market portfolios of their own, allowing investors to choose from a wide range of actively managed portfolios.

The Fintropy platform will allow for the aggregation of nearly any existing and approved asset, ETF, or hedge funds from across the cryptocurrency ecosystem, while also providing the security and oversight needed to make this vision a success. Fintropy will be able to balance the safety of investors while still giving asset managers the freedom to pursue their preferred strategies and be rewarded in the process. With a simple LP synthetic token backed by underlying assets, we empower traders from around the world to easily participate in the global economy.

Clearly, if one wishes to access a healthy array of assets, and not miss out on potential profits, they are in a difficult position! This is where Fintropy comes in. By aggregating assets from across DeFi, we can provide the ultimate trading experience, and help our users unlock the science behind investing.

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The Tokenized ETF Management Platform: experiment with aggregated assets to create a tokenized ETF, or invest in proven portfolio formulas.