Fintropy Updates 24.05

2 min readMay 25, 2022

Hello everyone!

We haven’t shared any news about the platform update with you for a long time, and today we’ll talk about just that!

Let’s start with the fact that all the things that were planned before were completed. Let’s go back to April & May and share the results of teamwork:

  1. Production Oracle was deployed to optimize end-to-end chain business flows;
  2. UI/UX of the platform was rebuilt for a better user experience, now it’s more simple and understandable;
  3. The streaming fee and success fee were added to the token creation. Success fee — will be comparing the current price to the token maximum price — was created as a fee on the % of that amount and pay it as a success fee to the portfolio manager.
  4. A Rebalancing feature was implemented and is working now. Past issues and bugs have been fixed. Bounty tokens distribution was implemented.

The main news and goal before us was the creation of a referral program platform for investing in crypto assets — DeFi Crypto Invest.

Using the platform, you can quickly and easily create your own referral program to attract collective investments in DeFi system tools. Not only do creators and participants gain profit from DeFi instruments, but also receive a guaranteed income by attracting new investors. The broader the investor network, the higher the income of the creator.

  • At this stage, the registration process has been implemented using a referral code, investment, withdrawal, and creation of referral codes;
  • The development team is working on front-end and back-end configuration, fixing bugs to create a stable and smooth platform already on the launch;
  • Expand the assets with which users can invest;
  • Testing contract updates and identifying bugs to fix them.

Soon we will provide all the necessary detailed information about the referral program, and the FAQ will also be ready so that your questions do not go unanswered.

Be ready, because the launch is near.

Thank you for your interest in our project & stay tuned!

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