Fintropy Update 02.06 (Launch next week)

Hello everyone!

We have awesome news for you! It took some time, but now we are 1 step away from the launch!

In today’s article, we want to introduce the new referral program and the final build of the main-platform!

The final build of the platform and the referral program will work without global issues and will bring the best experience you can find on the internet.

Let’s start with the referral program.

Our referral program will have its own domain and platform. In the referral program, it will be possible to create referral codes, invite people. If your ETF token passes the qualification on the main-platform, it will also be available for investment on the referral program platform!

You can gain your personal access code in our telegram chat.

You will be able to track each referral in your account and generate new referral codes to invite any amount of people! This way, you can choose — will you only invest, you will focus on the referral program, or you can do both!

Also, you will be able to access the ETF token and check its price straight from the referral platform! This feature was created for the users best experience.

We are pleased that we can provide such an opportunity for earning.

Using the platform, you can quickly and easily create your own referral program to attract collective investments in DeFi system tools. Not only do creators and participants gain profit from DeFi instruments, but also receive a guaranteed income by attracting new investors. The broader the investor network, the higher the income of the creator.

What about the main-platform?

Well, first of all — now, when someone creates their own ETF token, 5% of the FINT token will automatically be added to the new ETF. That will ensure the stable growth of the FINT token.

Rebalancing was implemented to the platform. Now you can rebalance the tokens inside your created ETF token at any time!

Also, we’ve updated the UI/UX for better and more flexible usage of the platform. Here are some examples of the new UI/UX.

With the launch of both platforms, we will launch the marketing campaign to bring people to the platform and raise the FINT token price.

We are very thankful for your wait! Main-platform and the referral platform will be launched next week. Stay tuned and subscribe to our social media pages so you won’t miss the launch.

Thank you for your interest in our project & stay tuned!

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The Tokenized ETF Management Platform: experiment with aggregated assets to create a tokenized ETF, or invest in proven portfolio formulas.

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The Tokenized ETF Management Platform: experiment with aggregated assets to create a tokenized ETF, or invest in proven portfolio formulas.

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