Fintropy IDO on Lightning Launchpad

2 min readNov 15, 2021


We are excited to announce our upcoming IDO on the Lightning Launchpad! Thanks to our partners and early investors who helped us through this process.

The IDO of the $FINT token will take place on Lightning Launchpad starting on November 22. The following are some details of our IDO:

IDO start date and time: November 22

Ticker: $FINT

Price per $FINT token: $ 0.20

Lightning Raise: $ 400,000

Token Amount: 2,000,000

Fully diluted market cap: $ 6,000,000

Vesting schedule: 25% at launch; then 25% monthly for 3 months

Total $FINT Supply: 30,000,000

About Lightning

Lightning Launchpad is your portal to safer, innovative projects and rewarding investments on every blockchain. All projects that utilize our launchpad are vetted by our team at a minimum. Fully incubated projects are subjected to additional rigorous security measures, like necessary audits and team KYC before launching to maximize investor safety.

The Lightning Launchpad uses a two-round system for IDO participation. This approach initially reserves an allocation for every tier, allowing for fairer distributions and purchase sizes that are worthwhile.



Each tier gets a share of the total hard cap that they may purchase during the round. Users can purchase up to their tier-defined maximum allowed contribution size within that share until either the supply or time limit exhausts.



Following Round 1’s expiration, Round 2 immediately opens for all tiers simultaneously. All remaining tokens from Round 1 will be available in one nonsegregated pool. Users may purchase up to their remaining maximum allowed contribution size.

About Fintropy:

Fintropy provides an all-in-one platform to manage Tokenized Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which allow one to deal with cryptocurrency, NFTs, stocks, commodities, and the many variations of these assets. We allow asset managers to create their own unique portfolios of aggressive cross-market strategies, and let investors easily pick and choose from these diverse portfolios, all from one platform. Fintropy also provides a portal to access a number of DeFi services as well. The Fintropy platform will allow for the aggregation of nearly any existing and approved asset, ETF, or hedge funds from across the cryptocurrency ecosystem, while also providing the security and oversight needed to make this vision a success. Fintropy will be able to balance the safety of investors while still giving asset managers the freedom to pursue their preferred strategies, and be rewarded in the process. With a simple LP synthetic token backed by underlying assets, we empower traders from around the world to easily participate in the global economy.

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The Tokenized ETF Management Platform: experiment with aggregated assets to create a tokenized ETF, or invest in proven portfolio formulas.