Fintropy Dev Updates

3 min readMar 21, 2022

Hello everyone.

This article is about current product development. More details about updates and implementations that are being made.

All the updates were made to create the simplest, safest and user-friendly platform for our users.

In the hope that these changes will positively affect the user experience of using Fintropy platform.

Here below is the list of the most important updates:

1) The main and the biggest update that was made so far is a new updated version of the contract. It was deployed and is being tested for the final adjustments by our team and testers before the upcoming official launch of the platform.

2) Our development team has also rebuilt the Token portfolio creation function to fit in the newly updated contract and a new subgraph. Now it’s easier and faster to create a portfolio.

3) Investing function was also rebuilt to fit in the newly updated contract. Now it is easier to understand how it works and easier to invest.

4) Withdraw function — it was rebuilt to match the newly updated contract. The UI and UX were made simpler and more convenient for users.

5) We also added a new function — With the official release, FINT token will be added to every portfolio to maintain the usage and growth of the token price. A new function that was added is a system that will check every portfolio upon creation to have the minimal value of the FINT tokens inside the portfolio.

6) We’ve also updated and simplified the authorization process. Now it will take less time to authorize and the appearance is more understandable than it was before.

7) The second main and biggest update so far — the implementation of the rebalancing system. A rebalancing system will help all the portfolio managers to rebalance their portfolios according to the market movement and to get the most out of their portfolios. As of now, it’s being tested for the final results, before the upcoming official launch of the platform.

8) With the newly updated contract, we’ve restructured and updated our database architecture to increase its performance and speed.

9) We’ve created a new function for checking the creation status of the portfolio token on the blockchain.

10) Migration of the current structure (architecture and platform) to the new updated contract and services is in process.

So far a lot of development work was made to ease, secure and increase the joy of using our platform. We have taken into account all incoming requests to change the platform usability & visibility.

As for the gamification and mobile app development — we will implement those 2 functions after the release of the platform to give you a better experience of the finalized product. As of now, those 2 functions are in the development process.

For the cross-chain bridges, our team is in negotiations with the providers right now. Once everything will be set up — we will announce the upcoming cross-chain bridges and the opportunities they will give the users.

We also have 2 more big updates coming and we will share them with you, once we have dates for the updates settled and ready to shatter your imagination.

Thank you for your interest in our project. We strive to do our best to make our product better!

We hope that everyone is safe.

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