CEO Interview about Public Sale

3 min readOct 29, 2021


To have a clearer view of Fintropy, we wanted to interview our CEO to answer your top questions about the future of the project.

1. As a successful entrepreneur, how has the current world situation affected your work and plans for the future?

I like disruptive technologies where you can change the world. I am deeply convinced that decentralization of governance and consensus-building without hierarchies and bureaucracy is the future. That’s why I’m here.

2. Do you think that BTC will continue to grow? In your opinion, what may happen to the Bitcoin price by the end of the year? Do you have any predictions?

BTC is likely to continue to grow. It is difficult to estimate the price of the cue ball at the end of the year. I believe the bullish trend will continue. It can also be helped by the SEC’s decision on Bitcoin ETF applications. I expect quotations in December about $ 70–75k for BTC

3. How did you come up with the idea of Fintropy in the first place?

Fintropy’s scope is always evolving as DeFi grows. We wanted to make a project that gives the quality of life features those from traditional finance enjoy. I hope we can make a beautiful project in classic decentralized finance.

4. Could you tell us about your plans for the future, and the future of Fintropy?

I would like to create a useful service that can not only ensure the growth of the portfolio through balancing, but also allows you to play on the volatility of the market.

5. Are there any bonuses for big investors during the public sale ?

If they have time to quickly buy first :)

6. Why and when did you choose to join the crypto market? Have you ever tried the traditional stock market?

All this is fintech, just innovative. Much can be done more efficiently and reliably using all the tools, both classic and innovative. Innovation removes parasitic bureaucratic barriers.

7. Do you find any inspiration in science like physics, cosmology, or quantum mechanics (e.g. the multiverse theory)?

Sir Roger Penrose influenced my perception the most. I highly recommend his book “The Emperor’s New Mind’’ to everyone.

8. What do you think of NFTs? Is there a future for this technology, or is it just a temporary trend?

NFTs have a strong advantage and are an important tool for the future development of web3.0 technologies. I am confident that the time of centralized systems will pass, and the most successful approaches and architectures of decentralized systems will take their place in the market. NFTs have a very strong component to manage digital creative content more efficiently.

9. What are your favorite cryptocurrencies ? Why them?

Thank you for asking this question. Nowadays there are a number of them around, and they continue to grow in numbers and worth. Even now, they cover a noticeable portion of the world’s finances, but besides that I think both, us and the investors, value their appeal in programmability and decentralization, by which it creates more trust. For example, with Ethereum and Polygon we can envision a future, where we can program complex, yet beneficial agreements between entities, and I am personally biased towards this capability, and also that they are financially stable in comparison to some other coins. I am also keen on the security and anonymity of Monero, as it allows for a more fair mining competition while providing an almost zero-trust transaction network. Tether is also something most of us have probably used, and it helped to save personal time and money. There are some other good and useful cryptocurrencies, and I am quite fond of them, but I think one of their greatest appeals is the variety of features and communities which device and support them.

10. Any final thoughts on the current pace of the crypto market? Why do you think it accelerated so much?

The market is developing and in general there are more and more positive projects. It will gradually become more and more mature and this will increase the interest of investors from classical finance. We will see the arrival of major players.

Thank you for the conversation, Eugene! It was a pleasure.




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